SCASY Profile
Value Proposition

T h e ---T e a m

The SCASY-internal communication bridge is the basis of our competitive advantage. Contrary to other offshore development companies SCASY is a closely operating team since more than three years:
  • One pillar in Europe is not only responsible for customer communication at their site but also for the overall project management. From requirements specification to system architecture and implementation over to functional and performance tests all the way to deployment and training we are always close to our customers
  • The other pillar in Beijing (China) forms our technical platform and is responsible for the technology realization

       Communication is our core competence

  • we fulfill the high requirements of an integrated communication in requirements engineering through an experienced team of finance, industry and information technology experts who understands the language of our customers
  • Starting in 2003 Scalable Systems Group is driven by a coherent methodical approach as well as an ideal complementary set of services with regards to the target markets of industrial enterprises and financial institutions
  Xiaosong Lu  
  Chief Technology Officer  
  Hui Fang Xu Guo
  Managing Director China Senior Hardware Engineer

  Yanjun Liu Jianshan Lu
  Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer
Qingqing Ning Xinwen Wang
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer
Chunguang Lu Hongchang Liu
Junior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Aiting Wang
Shaoshan Yu
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Ning Liu
Changli Yao
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Jiazeng Luo
Qian Zhang
Senior Software Engineer
Administration Assistant
Qing Zhuo
Senior Hardware Consultant