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Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Confronted with extraordinary efforts to cope with business challenges and existing structures enterprises have high requirements towards software providers: this is well understood given the failure rate of between 60 and 90 % for software projects. The requirement of managing the conduct of complex projects successfully represents a risk-reduction need for both, the customers and ourselves at the same time.

We manage the critical success factors of software projects through a set of well-coordinated measures:

  • the high requirements related to integrated communication for requirements engineering are satisfied by an experienced team of experts in finance, industry and information technology who understands the language of our customers
  • we make constant use of advances in information technology and rely on proven methods
  • we maintain our own research team and cooperate with leading technology partners
  • our software is developed in our software factory in Beijing, China, where we built up a highly qualified development team
  • all phases of the project lifecycle are subject to a stringent project management
  • we rely on high quality standards; in the project lifecycle this begins with a strict project scope: fuzzy-defined projects without management commitment are not undertaken by us
Our inexpensive cost structure and experience allows us to provide our customers an additional advantage: fix price offerings – combined with a success fee we believe to fulfill the risk-reduction need of our customers by and large.

SCASY fix price projects optimally take into account the risk-reduction need of customers through cost ceilings:
  • Fix price offerings for the total project creates a risk-free calculation basis
  • Monthly pre-payments for the jointly undertaken requirements engineering (can also be performed in stages)
  • Success fee payment due only after satisfactory completion of the project (sign-off by customer) heavily reduces financial risks