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SCASY Profile

Scalable Systems AG was founded in 1999. Focused on value-added software services for financial institutions and industrial companies, we solved successfully many problems brought forward to us during the past few years. At the same time we gained tremendous experience in the development of enterprise software.

Our company strategy is based on three pillars:
  • Our proximity to customers to our branch offices in Zug (Switzerland) is optimally extended by our software factory in Beijing (China) with whose aid we are able to deliver highest quality at short development cycles and affordable prices
  • Creation of value-added through innovation – create innovation by using analogies: since years we observe the changing environment of the financial sector and increasingly discover analogies from industrial areas. Significantly affected is logistics of banks and insurance companies in general and their information technology specifically. Our concepts for financial institutions are heavily influenced by our industrial competency
  • Through partnerships with innovative software providers we further our positioning
"From consistent concepts to stable systems: Scalable Systems"

Software became a global asset of high strategic value: no banking institution or industrial company today is imaginable without stable software applications.

Despite all this we are confronted with the paradoxical situation that between 60 and 90 % of all software projects are not completed according to plan or fail to deliver at all (Secrets of Software Success; Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Massachusetts).

Scalable Systems AG develops software on the basis of a model-based approach with which we produce stable and scalable systems starting with requirements engineering all the way to software manufacturing. Our project success rate proofs the correctness of our approach which we continuously improve on behalf of our customers.
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